MNG Targem Research Technology Development Consultancy Projects and Construction Co. Inc.

MNG Targem was founded in Ankara in 1985. MNG Targem offers solution-focused project and consultancy services for architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture and engineering projects with an experienced team and an integrated design approach shaped within the frame of convenience, originality, quality and aesthetics. MNG Targem meets the dynamically-changing needs of contemporary life with a refined taste and meticulously-designed touches. The company implements sustainable projects which create rich experiences and improve comfort and efficiency.

As a result of the vast experience gained by Mapa Group with tourism investments and in other industries, MNG Targem makes its mark with its experience in industrial design.

Mapa Group is the investor, constructor and contractor of many projects and therefore offers its vast experience to MNG Targem to help the company gain a competitive edge in the industry. MNG Targem constantly revises its ways of doing business in line with new technologies and secures the place of the Mapa Group brand in the future through an architectural approach which will transform the world in line with the requirements of investment and operation economies.